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Why should you deliver through the Whiz app?

Whiz gives you the opportunity to take your business online without having to figure out the technical details. In the era of online businesses and convenient home deliveries, we do not want to leave our local retailers behind. Grow together with the Whiz app in a few easy steps!

Get your business online

In this age of digitalization, every business is trying to show up online. Whiz app enables you to take your business online without a lot of hassle from your part.

Reach more customers

Marketing your products on the Whiz app will enable you to reach new customers who were not familiar with your business before. Moreover, providing the opportunity to receive local supplies delivered to customers’ doorsteps will generate even more sales.

Grow your sales

Delivering products online increases your potential to sell more. Not only is your customer base enlarged but also the convenience of home delivery increases their chances of ordering more frequently.

Connect with customers

Connecting with customers is an essential aspect of any successful business. Effective customer communication can take many forms and delivering your products regularly to people in your area can be on top of that list.


What are other shop owners saying about Whiz?

I have been running this shop for 20 years. Everyone in the area used to know my shop’s name. But ever since the super shop opened up down the road, younger people have stopped visiting my store frequently. I used to think that small shop owners like us will have to close our business eventually. I could not even imagine delivering my products online. Whiz has provided us with that opportunity. Now, a much larger number of people around the area, young to old, have started ordering products from my shop, Alhamdulillah!

Rahmat Ullah

Ponno Varieties Store, Ramna
Nowadays people don’t usually go to the stores to buy things anymore. They prefer ordering online. I opened this store a few months back, but barely got much attention. But after starting to deliver with Whiz, many people are recognizing my store – especially the young generation. Whiz increased both my sales and my popularity.

Mohammad Joynal Mia

Lovely Varieties Store, Dr. Goli

I had no idea that selling products online could be so easy. I take orders through the mobile app, all the products ordered are written there in detail, I deliver the goods within the area and receive my money. My workers do not have to work much harder and there is no need for a delivery man. On top of that, our sales have increased almost twice the amount!

Jahid hosen Babu

Jahid Stationary and Printing, Mogbazar
It’s really easy to sell your products with Whiz. Downloaded the app, entered my name & address, completed registration within two minutes. Now I am taking orders and delivering them through the app every day. No hassle at all!

Noyon Mondal

Sheba Pharma, Shiddheshwari


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